alternative finance

Competitiveness in alternative finance businesses requires innovation in governance and services delivery models.

Our combined experience in financial services, traditional banking and offshore outsourcing is leveraged to provide our clients technologies and loan servicing solutions that constantly challenges a thriving industry.

Our passion for challenging the way alternative finance services are delivered comes from the massive fintech opportunities that we see for the next decade.

Alternative finance - smart watch

Why alternative finance organizations work with us


We bring over 35 years of experience in financial services and offshore outsourcing.

Business Processes

Business analysts who understand, define, plan and implement outsourced business processes that improve your bottom line.


A core expertise in technology development and integration to automate and be more efficient.

Loan management services

From lead generation to application processing, loan management and customer relationship, digital technologies make it possible to outsource critical business operations while remaining in full control of lending operations.

We know our clients, understand their markets and business models. We are an extension of their team that changes for the best the way services are delivered. As digital alternative finance sector grows, it only makes sense to seek for digital delivery services provider such as NPM.

  • Multi-channel customer support
  • Automated loan analysis up to final approval
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Loan lifecycle and client relationship management

Technology solutions

Technologies integration and processes automation is vital for profitability. Working with a multi-skilled team of banking consultants, business analysts and developers who understand finance technologies makes the whole difference.

MicroLoan Manager, NPM’s cloud-based loan management system, is built for the new generation of short-term loan companies.

Going digital has never been this easy.

Is technology keeping your focus away from your core activities?