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For a micro-loan institution it can be to optimize the loan application process and for a small-medium business it can be to manage their 40,000-SKU online store, orders and client feedback. For a marketing agency, it's to focus on the strategy, reduce fixed costs and let professionals execute the development of the website, email campaigns or banner design. For a rapidly-growing tech company, it's about remaining competitive with MNCs both in local and global markets.

Each company is unique and so are their reasons for outsourcing digital processes. A good service supplier takes the time to understand the reasons and goals from a business perspective. Then, he channels the work to be outsourced, plans and automates business processes, ensuring the final goals are kept in mind. Lastly, he monitors and analyzes KPIs. This is the right way to outsource digital operations and increase your chances of having a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

benefits of outsourcing

Until less than a decade ago, multi-national corporations outsourced to India for one main reason: lower their expenses. While it remains a key motivator for outsourcing digital services, smart business managers understand that it’s much more than just cost-savings.

  • Improve predictability of costs

Outcome-based, or performance-based outsourcing is an excellent model for predictable, routine digital operations. With the right guidelines and delivery model, such business strategy will improve overall quality and efficiency.

  • Improve your business processes

While employees are focused on running the show, a good outsourcing services provider will work with the managerial team to improve the business processes. Starting with a good business analysis, optimizing business processes can involve the integration of web services, the development of custom modules or a complete suite of applications.

  • Scale faster

There is a shortage of qualified human resources in many regions of the world. For a fast-growing SME, hiring talent locally to meet client demand can be a nightmare. The maturity of the offshore outsourcing model is at a point where SMBs can now rely on a service supplier to help meet the demand and grow with their clients.

  • Remain competitive

Small-medium businesses compete everyday with MNCs who can afford offices offshore. As a result, an engineering company may have to sell some of its services at a loss. A good way to remain competitive is to identify those services that competitors, especially MNCs, outsource offshore. In 2017, if MNCs can do it, SMBs can too!

outsourcing the right way

In the past few years, the evolution in outsourcing models has been tremendous. Stakeholders have matured and learned from their mistakes and this has led to all sorts of models.

The fact is that business behaviours are evolving in the same direction as consumer behaviours: they expect a customized relationship with the brands and companies they buy, hire or rent from.

A customized business relationship with an offshore digital service provider must assess the following:

  • Identify and channel what needs to be outsourced

A good outsourcing supplier will challenge traditional businesses. He will take the time to understand your business from inside-out, identify the pain points and canalize those that can be outsourced in ways that will have a tangible impact on your operations.

  • Define your delivery workflows

To be effective, outsourced processes must seamlessly integrate to your business operations. Defining of inputs and outputs is a good practice to follow at the planning phase.

  • Make expectations clear

From quality to pricing models, for a customized outsourcing relationship to work in the long-term, all expectations must be set out clearly right from the beginning.

npm technologies: what to expect

To make the outsourcing of digital services seamless and profitable for our clients is our mission.

We are a tech-oriented digital services centre with strong business analysis background. We take the time to assess your business and identify the areas and processes where we think we can help.

Then, we propose an outsourcing delivery model and partnership where the risks and rewards are proportionally shared between the stakeholders.

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