Loan Servicing

loan servicing outsourcing:
the smart decision

Increase in customer acquisition costs, new regulations and digitization of processes require lenders to keep fixed costs as low as possible. Medium-size online microloan institutions who do not take action today will be not be able to compete tomorrow. The digital advantage will not be one for many more years.

Loan servicing outsourcing: a solution that allows you to invest more in customer acquisition and spend less in clerical work.

Outsourcing the process of following up with clients and analyzing a loan application, and then managing the loan lifecycle relationship, is one way to keep control on all operations.

People, Process, Technologies

NPM’s loan servicing recipe is simple: a qualified team of financial services executives that implements and follows processes adapted to your business model and with the right technologies integration.

Experience in loan processing

NPM Technologies brings over 35 years of combined experience in loan management and offshore outsourcing.

Man managing microloan
"We know how to build and execute approval and decisional workflows based on lenders' business and financial models. We take loan applications to the approval stage and take them back once it is approved and converted into a loan."

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