Robust and scalable online stores to remain competitive

In 2017, more than 3,500 big retail chain stores will shut in order to invest in online stores. As the shift towards digital commerce accelerates, how will you remain competitive?

One of the main advantages of eCommerce is the ability to optimize most of business processes, from sales and marketing to order management, shipping and customer support.

For this to happen, hiring programmers is not enough any more. What you need is a multi-skilled team of business analysts, marketers, designers and programmers which will take the time to understand your business and integrate your digital revenue stream with the operations you already have in place.

At NPM Technologies, we deliver eCommerce solutions with the right features and integrations to ensure that your digital channels become profitable.

Range of expertise

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RecurRex: The need for a subscription platform

To start your online subscription eCommerce business, you need to decide on three main components:

  • A website with a shopping cart, so consumers can see your offers and select them
  • A payment gateway that can take recurring payments
  • A system to manage recurring billing and orders

NPM Technologies will provide its recommendations based on the specifics of your business model, the national or international nature of your activities, the key features you require (such as mass emailing, a blog, advanced sales reports, shipping automation, etc.) and the budget you are looking to invest to make your subscription eCommerce venture a success.